Thanksgiving webquest


pavoIn this webquest you will do some research about one of American’s most beloved celebrations throughout three different tasks.


  • Group organization: groups of 3 or 4 students. All of them do all the tasks.
  • Number of sessions: 5
  • Level: 3º E.S.O (bilingual group)


1.     The history of Thanksgiving celebration

Make a power point presentation about the history of Thanksgiving. This links can help you out.

2.     The Pilgrim’s journey to America on the Mayflower

Complete the following task. Once you are done, you will have to hand this in to me, in order to mark it for accuracy and grade it accordingly.

  • Write a letter, pretending to be a Pilgrim like William Bradford (the future governor of the Plymouth Plantation). You will have to make a description about pilgrim’s lives in the New World. There is a link in here, where you can find some pilgrim’s letters to follow them through.

  • Answer the following questions:

What can we learn about the Pilgrims’ new surroundings from the William Bradford’s journal?

What was the name of the book written by William Bradford?

What did the Pilgrims want to build at the site of the rock? Why?

Who was the captain of the ship called The Mayflower? Does his name ring a bell?

3.     Thanksgiving Dinner

In this task, you will have to plan a Thanksgiving meal for your group. Use the recipes found online to make a shopping list for the menu and party supplies. Bear in mind that you only have £ 150; it means you should spend your budget wisely.

You shouldn’t go over budget.

After making your shopping list, draw a chart and write in it how much money your group spent on each item.

Little help     Basically, Americans eat turkey with some stuffing inside, cranberry sauce (for the filling), mashed potatoes drizzled with some sweet gravy, green beans and pumpkin pie.

There are some handful websites for ideas on recipes:

  • Evaluation rubric:


  • Conclusion The main goal of this webquest is letting you know more about Thanksgiving, and what it means as a whole. At the end of this activity, you will be able to speak and write about this celebration using concepts and ideas that you did not know before